Monday, August 30, 2010

The Altered Curio Case

OH MY GOSH!  This was the most amazing class I've ever taken!  I just can't say enough about Tim Holtz and his partner Mario! 
We sat down to a plain pine curio case.  Like the ones you'd find at Hobby Lobby.  You know, that ugly pine look.
We started altering the outside of the Curio Case.  We used paper, sewing patterns, a new product called tissue tape, ink, and paint.
After we all had our cases altered he pulled the cloths off of 6 tables that lined the center of the room.  It was like Christmas!!  Vintage trinkets of all kinds....and tons of them!!  He said he gets a lot of these treasures on ebay in bulk.  He had vintage kids cars, dice, film strip, light bulbs, computer parts, doll heads, game pieces and the list goes on and on!
I made each box a theme.  I made a box/square for Eric and used scrabble pieces to spell his name.  I used a Pepsi cap (since he's a Pepsi guy), some computer parts, film strip and a vintage camera trinket.
In my box I spelled my name out of very old typeset stamps.  I used a Coke bottle cap (since I'm a Coke girl), a game piece with 41 (my age), a scrabble piece with my initial on it and a key that has the word Journey on it.
In Tommy's box I spelled his name out with vintage game pieces and type letters, a domino piece, a dice, a vintage car that I altered with alcohol ink and a piece of projector film.
The other boxes are various themes.  One is a time theme.  Another a bird cage with a bird and grass, a butterfly, and a few other themes or hodge podge.
Here are a few pictures!


  1. That is just the coolest thing ever!!! Great job! I love how you did each person a spot!

  2. Thanks Misty! It was so fun to make!